Drink Coasters Set "LADYBUG"

Draw attention to your drink with this cool and modish Set of Coasters!

100% Recycled HDPE Plastic from local community.

Each of the coasters is made using our manual injection machine with help of our own force, one by one with manually selected plastic waste. Those red coasters are made mostly from white milk jugs and red HDPE caps. They will be similar to eachother, but not identical.


Dimensions of one: 10.6x9.2x0.6 cm

Coasters - RHDPE from plastic waste

Wrapping - PAPER from wasted food sacks
Sticky tape - CELLULOSE film and naturally-based glue from Sellotape

By purchasing this product, you support our work and local plastic recycling in Edinburgh!


Every piece has unique colour and will be similar to those on the picture, not identical.

Drink Coasters Set "LADYBUG"


    • Do not place food directly on the plastic as they are not food grade
    • Keep away from sharp objects to prevent surface damage.
    • Do not place hot vessels directly onto the coasters.
    • Clean with damp cloth if required