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What a year! Bye bye 2020! 🥳

Well, what a year it has been. From a global pandemic, protests and riots, national and local elections, online learning and remote work. Fingers crossed that it wasn't only the beta version of 2021. 😅🤞

Anyway, this time was quite special for us, because it's the year when we are properly established our studio. If you don't know it yet, it's a small room between others in Edinburgh Palette, also known as Saint Margaret's house. We are still not sure what is the difference though. We rent it in the beginning of October and we love it! It's so spacious and we have lots of space to work in, experimenting with plastic, developing machines and our products.

It's quite rough for now, but will be better ;-)

It's worth to mention, that most of our furnitures and equipment in the studio were for free from local Facebook groups. We were so surprised, that it's actually possible to furnished a studio using only second hand freebies and we immediately fall in love with local Edinburgh community 😍

We have met so many wonderful people. Sometimes in the studio, other time via Zoom conversations and rarely in cafes ☕ We have managed to have our first plastic supplier partner @baba_rista and @bambuedinburgh where we put our coasters to sell! We can;t forget about lots of individuals who have brought to us kilograms of plastic. Thank you so much for your effort! Especially Nathan for mental and 3D printing help! 🤗

We gave our first presentation of what we do in front of a small crowd online with an amazing community Transition Streets Willowbrae. It was a brilliant experience, wonderful and curious people! Thanks to you, for sure we have to think about making an online "course" a thing!

In the beginning of december we decided to record a video for our crowdfunding campaign. And oh my plastic! So far we have raised £440 from the donations! It's truly unbelievable, so epic and for sure it will push us forward with our project! We are so grateful for any penny!

It was a year full of changes for us, many hardships and hard work. As you can see, it was worth it. We hope that next year will be even more fruitful for us. DOBA works thanks to the people around, thanks to your support. Although we have only been here for a year, we felt very welcome by you. 😊

Thank you so much for all of this! Cheers! Magda and Bart 👩‍🎨👷‍♂️


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