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Here you can drop off your plastic for us:

We proudly present to you the list of our awesome collection points, that shared some space and became a Collection Point!


Just find one near you and drop collected plastic caps. But before you do it, please remember to wash them!


The Wee Hub Ocean Terminal
74 Ocean Dr, Leith Edinburgh EH6 6JJ

Tinderbox Lab is a digital arts programme and makerspace. They bring together artists across disciplines with an interest in creative technology, electronics, interactive media, digital arts, games design, youth & community, and more; and they also run a range of projects, events and opportunities. They accept donations in Ocean Terminal! If the shop shutters are down – ring Lab buzzer for access and someone will come to let you in



16 Montrose Terrace, Edinburgh EH7 5LD

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 10:00 AM - 03:00 PM

Mud Station Pottery is an independent open studio workshop, craft gallery and retail space near the heart of Edinburgh. They love what they do and want to share their experience with others.



4 Easter Road, Edinburgh EH7 5RG

Opening hours:
Monday-Saturday 9AM - 7PM | Sunday 10AM - 6PM

Vegan shop selling fruit, vegetables, cheese, mock meats, chocolate, snacks, cleaning products, toiletries, pet food and more! 100% plant based!


10 Croall Place, Edinburgh, EH7 4LT

Yellow Souls is a temporal journey between fashion of the past and fashion of the future. Elena and Lorenzo have a vision to create an environment where sustainability, creativity and support for new designers and artists come together. That's why you can find our products in their shop and drop off your plastic!

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