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The most crucial element to start recycling plastic is the... material! Luckily it is quite easy, because wherever you look, plastic is all around us. So if you have a plastic bottle, box, any sorts of disposable plastic trash, you can throw it into separate bin - especially for us!

It's an alternative plastic recycling system that is powered by people like you. Tired of all that plastic waste piling up in our oceans. It's global, works locally and has a plan to fix the plastic waste problem.


1. Find a Collection Point

Use our map to find Collection Points near you to start better recycling of your plastic waste!


2. Learn how to prepare plastic

It's important to collect clean, label-free plastic that can actually be recycled in the Precious Plastic network. Watch this video to learn how to best prepare your plastic for recycling.

3. Start gathering!

Now you know what plastic type your local Collection Point accepts and how to prepare it. It's time to start gathering your clean, label-free plastic at home or office and start real recycling.

*When possible try to buy a plastic-free option, always better than recycling :)


4. Drop it off

Once you've gathered enough clean plastic it's time to get it to the Collection Point to start its recycling journey. Find out if the Collection Point near you offers home pick up or if you have to drop it off yourself.


Fantastic, you've done your part to tackle the plastic waste problem.

Questions & Answers 

Any examples of HDPE plastic material?

Of course! milk bottles, kefir bottles, plastic caps, 10l buckets, 5l windscreen liquid bottle, old plastic tool box, spray glass cleaner bottle, washing up liquid bottle, and many more! But make sure that you can find HDPE symbol on them


How to prepare your plastic to donation?

- make sure that it's clean inside and outside
- remove the label and the plastic ring around the "neck" of a bottle
- wipe and dry it

Why you collect HDPE plastic only? What's the difference?

The main difference between different types of plastic is a melting temperature and fumes that they emits. For example if you want to melt HDPE and PP together in 180° PP will start to char (which is not good). And for example PET clear bottles are the most dangerous for health if you melt them, so we decided to stick with another types for the moment.

Why do you collect plastic if we already recycle with local council? I thought they were recycling from our bins.

Plastic just been kind of designed, used and marketed in the wrong way, in our view. So what we try to do is change the way that people and society view plastic from being something that’s cheap and disposable to something that is precious and valuable. 

It's an alternative plastic recycling system run by friends and neighbors and thanks to free blueprints from the Precious Plastic website we are collecting, shredding and even manufacturing recycled plastic products. 

At the core, the project is really about a change in perspective. It happens locally, so you can see the process in front of your eyes instead of putting it in the bin and never seeing the results. 

I work in a place where we have a lot of such plastic!

Great! If you are a business owner, a school teacher or anyone who produce lots of plastic trash would like to recycle it in a different way, join our network! We can collect it from your place at once or weekly! Please let us know by sending an e-mail to


If you have any questions write to us by email or on our social media:

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